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Precise Monitoring
Judicial & Employee Drug Testing

About Us

​​​​Our agency is dedicated to providing affordable drug testing options to Employers, Judicial Agencies, Attorneys at law, Schools, Medical Patients, and more. We are trained in urine collections, mouth swabs, fingernail, hair strand, and PEth testing. We pride ourselves in following collection procedures and adhering to State and Federal standards. 

We deliberately set our office hours around our client needs to make it easy and convenient to stay compliant. Whether you are on Probation and can't leave work early or you're an employer who wants to save on costs, our extended hours and services will ensure your tests are completed and needs are met, without any sacrifice from you. 

Our business thrives through its ability to provide excellent customer service, so we turn around results in as little as 24 hours. PreCise also implements strict quality control guidelines, that keep us at a less than 1% error rating. 

Ask us about Specialty Testing

We offer a variety of drug testing panels that include a multitude of Illegal and prescription drugs.   

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