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Precise Monitoring LLC

Drug Testing FAQ

​​​​​​Q: Where is PreCise Monitoring Located?

 ​A: We are located on 104th and Colorado on the east side of the street behind the chiropractor.​​​​​ 

Q: Do I Have To Be Court Ordered to Test?

A: No, we do extend our services to people who are not on Probation or Court ordered to test. This Includes, parenting plans, medical patients and Social Services. Any tests that do not include a neutral third party are considered for informational purposes only.  

Q: What is the Latest I can come in for a Test?

 A: PreCise Closes at 9:00pm, so we ask that you're in the door and ready to test no later than 8:45pm. This gives us 15 minutes to get your paperwork ready and collect the sample.

​​Q: Does Your Agency Collect in Sentry?

 A: Yes, we are authorized to collect in Sentry for several Counties, DHS and Pre-Trial Programs. 

Q: Are Your Judicial Tests Monitored?

 A: ​Yes! All Judicial tests are monitored by a trained collector of the same sex. No exceptions. 

​​​Q: I already go to an Agency, Can I switch to PreCise?

 A: Yes, let us know where your results need to go, and we will take care of the rest. If you are a Sentry client, results will get to your Probation Officer through the Sentry system.  

Employment FAQ

Q: What Forms of Payment do You Take?

A: We Accept all major Credit Cards and Cash, we will even make change. However, we don't take checks. 

Q: How Do I schedule an Employee Test?

A: You may contact us by phone at 

303-920-5959 or by Email at pcinfo@precisemonitoring.com. We will help you set up a single test or testing package. 

Q: Do I have to make an Appointment?

 A: No, all of our services are quickly available to walk-ins.​  

Q: How Long is The Wait?

 A: Typically our clients get in and out within 15 minutes. On our down time, its even faster. 

Q: Are You a DOT approved collection site?

 A: Yes, our collectors are trained in 49 CFR Part 40 procedures. Just bring in your Federal Custody and Control form, and we will securely ship your specimen to the correct lab. 

Q: Are Your Employee Tests Monitored?

 A: Only in instances required by Federal Regulations.